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1. Find a great agent. DON’T BE FOOLED…an agent’s commission WILL NOT increase the price of your home. Builders typically pay broker commissions from their Sales/Marketing budget. The sales person is always representing the builder. It is very important to have an advocate in your corner. Your agent should be someone who has experience in … more »
Much like drive-in movies, drive-in restaurants remind us of yesteryear.  There is something magical about parking your car at a restaurant, talking to a waiter on roller-skates (sometimes), and being served in your car.  If you look closely, there are still many thriving drive-in restaurants in Indiana!  Below we have listed a few that we … more »
The first thing you need to know about a Home Inspection: It’s NOT intended to make the home feel NEW again!!   A Home Inspector Is Your Protector An inspector helps you make sure a house isn’t hiding anything before you commit for the long haul. (Think about it this way: You wouldn’t even get … more »
While open houses seem pretty casual, savvy buyers know that checking out a home isn’t just about aesthetics or a quick view. In today’s hot market, you might not get another look before making an offer. If you aren’t totally sure about how the open-house process works, you aren’t alone. Sometimes homebuyers visit an open … more »
Throw in the info you pick up from well-meaning friends and there’s a sea of home care truisms out there, some of which can sink your budget. Myth 1: Stone Countertops Are Indestructible Fact: Even rock can be damaged. Marble, quartz, travertine, soapstone, and limestone can all be stained. Regular household cleaners can dull their surfaces over time. And … more »
If you’re even remotely considering selling your home, then no doubt the thought of selling it on your own (fisbo style), has at least crossed your mind. How do I know this, because every homeowner across this great country has done the same thing when they decided to sell. It’s in our nature to fend … more »
Real estate agents work for real estate brokerages (like FC Tucker), and they earn money via commissions when they assist buyers and sellers buy or sell homes. REAL ESTATE MYTH Agents must be rolling in the cheddar. Word on the street is that some of them make 6% or even 7% commission on every house … more »
The real estate market often fluctuates, making it tough to predict whether the market will favor buyers or sellers when it’s your turn to buy. Buyers in a seller’s market can get what they want, but they need to bring their “A” game and be decisive. Here are six common mistakes and how to avoid them. Not making … more »
It seems like just yesterday I was bemoaning the ubiquity of granite, hoping and praying it would go the way of the dodo bird and I’d never have to see its speckled self in a kitchen again. Now, after several years of declining use, the day has come: another surface has officially surpassed granite in … more »