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Helping buyers fall for your property takes more than running the vacuum and fluffing the pillows: It’s about the POP!   Living Room When placing anything from accent pillows and table lamps, go for symmetry, which is pleasing to the eye. Light it up with lamps. Chic lamps provide both added lighting and appealing decor. … more »
The only thing more exciting than shopping for your first house is the day you move into it. And in your eagerness to get to that day, there are a bunch of opportunities to botch the shopping. Here are some #facepalm moments and the house-hunting tips you’ll need to avoid them.   “I Saw the House Online. It’s Perfect … more »
Everything has value. Especially your home. And when it comes to selling your home, assigning a price to that value is complicated. You made memories there. You’ve got a major financial interest in the place, too. Buyers think of value, but they’re more concerned with price. And your home’s price is one of its most … more »
Ah, the offer! Know Your Limits | Learn to Speak “Contract” | Set Your Price | Figure Out Your Down Payment | Make an Earnest Money Deposit | Review Contingency Plans | Read the Fine Print | Make a Date to Close | Write a Fan Letter to the Seller | Brace Yourself for a Counteroffer Cinematically speaking, this is the epic moment — I’d forgive you if you imagined, say, putting a … more »
The closing. It all comes down to this. The grand finale. Once you have the keys, the house is yours. (Cue: Air horn sound!) Nice work getting this far. You’re almost a homeowner! Let’s run through some questions you may have as you cross the finish line. What Does “Closing” Mean? The close or settlement … more »
Selling a home is almost like a science, with sellers using different tactics and strategies to get the top prices from buyers. While homes across the country may have different price points ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions, here are a few tips to create a successful home sales “formula” that applies … more »
1. Find a great agent. DON’T BE FOOLED…an agent’s commission WILL NOT increase the price of your home. Builders typically pay broker commissions from their Sales/Marketing budget. The sales person is always representing the builder. It is very important to have an advocate in your corner. Your agent should be someone who has experience in … more »
Much like drive-in movies, drive-in restaurants remind us of yesteryear.  There is something magical about parking your car at a restaurant, talking to a waiter on roller-skates (sometimes), and being served in your car.  If you look closely, there are still many thriving drive-in restaurants in Indiana!  Below we have listed a few that we … more »
The first thing you need to know about a Home Inspection: It’s NOT intended to make the home feel NEW again!!   A Home Inspector Is Your Protector An inspector helps you make sure a house isn’t hiding anything before you commit for the long haul. (Think about it this way: You wouldn’t even get … more »